Sunday, October 16, 2011

Benefit for American Cancer Society
With Begging Victoria, Insomnia, and Phourist,
October 15, 2011

Seth Thomas' creative brainstorm 'pays' in many ways-- i.e. he prospers in his coordination to benefit the American Cancer Society as an aspect of doing his community service for his Senior high school project via a series of concerts at Old Louisville Coffeehouse, now heading toward its third month per month sequence here. Seth's father-- a kind of agent and bookkeeper for this effort-- says that the cause has generated some $80 prior to the show last night, and the expectation was that the tip jar would push the total for the evening well over $100 in collections.

Three sets of three different bands played Saturday evening. The first to show was Begging Victoria, performing in an acoustic mode sans (usual) drummer, with Kylee Arnold as lyricist, vocalist, and bass-electric-guitarist; Chris Vasconcelos and Adam Rayborn accompanied on acoustic guitar. The resulting set was a pleasing auditory treat to behold, with powered lyrics of a highly original nature. Kylee says she writes in a 'punk' idiom, with other eclectic musical interests as well; Chris and Adam also have varied musical influences, but their musical roots hail especially in the 'metalica' idiom.

"Center of My Universe" is a splendid example of the power and genius to which I refer: in this visceral musical explosion, Kylee has crafted a self-revelation about being in a self-destructive mode, "It felt good, but I got depressed afterward," she explained...Still the song leaves a goose-pimple effect for the meteoric crater it impresses on the listener!

Dakota Hess, keyboardist, and Stuart Wicke, electric guitarist, as well as (event coordinator) Seth Thomas made the complement as trio for the usual quartet in Insomnia last night. Emblematic of their gripping and spellbinding grasp on the huge audience was their "The Ghost," which is embedded as a YouTube below.

Last set in this series was Phourist, a one-man band with Nick Hill doing originals and Anthony Heiskell doing light-show. This highly imaginative performance was certainly a strong promise for future fame: Nick uses acoustic guitar coupled with keyboard-- a keyboard having vast synthesizer capabilities-- to turn music into electronic magic, as the video embedded below of Nick's "Sacred" will demonstrate.

To my ear, there is an avant-garde classical sound to this piece, and to all of Nick's music; indeed Nick said that he is influenced by neo-classical performers, and by New Age music. Hailing from a family of electrical technicians, Anthony shows great prowess as well in doing lightshow effects.

The benefit series of which this concert was part will have one more show, in November. All of us look forward to this event of vast cultural import, and of great contribution to those who suffer from cancer.

--Vernon Lynn Stephens

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  1. I was in attendance on this night with all three of these bands and thoroughly enjoyed myself! My daughter is Kylee Arnold, so of course, I enjoyed with great anticipation, Begging Victoria. I wish to thank the Old Louisville Coffee House for their part in offering a venue for young performers and also for combining these music acts with a benefit for such a worthy charity! I plan to attend a s many as I am physically able. Denise