Saturday, December 31, 2011

Begging Victoria Returns to Thrill OLC Yet One More Wonderful Time...
And Just in the Nick of new Year's!!!

We always thrill and quadrupally thrill to experience again the radiant wonders of this new and greatly inspired musical quartet Begging Victoria, which as a 'leaderless' musical combo includes the creative musical composition prowess all Kylee Arnold who contributes as well to vocals and plays her own songs on an acoustic and electric guitar with the accompaniment of Adam Rayborn and Chris Vasconelos on a electric guitar, and with Aaron Bunch on drums.

I recorded the entire musical set of this group which performed on New Year's Eve Eve which fell last night. Kylee was very gracious in permitting video recording and I find her to be an easy accompanist to my endeavors -- which actually have the benign purpose of promoting nascent stars like Kylee and this wonderful group.

The first song in their set "Center of my Universe" it is a magnificent creation which focuses on the centering experience of passionate love and its foibles. This song by Kylee is a wonderful reminiscence which needs to be heard. Please connect to the YouTube embedded video below to experience the depth and splendor of this song as it was performed.

From this instructive piece of musical originality, we can proceed further into this wonderful and stimulating performance. The next song "Elation Sensation" -- a truly lively and energizing number if there ever was one-- goes right to the root of the existential motivation for joyous romance.

"Louisville" is an original composition of Kylee's deriving from her experience at a summer camp in Indiana; there she met and became fond of a girl who was frightened by the prospects of living in a camp situation. This song is a tribute and a lesson for those who are frightened of new experiences.

This group has wonderful originality. One of the new songs -- new in every poetic sense of the word -- is the new number from the group entitled "Selling a Lie"; the message beneath these gripping words performed in a semi-heavy-metal idiom seem to be that there are many people in this world who live to deceive and even calm to believe in the very lives they are falsely selling.

Kylee was looking for appreciation for this spectacular new composition and she certainly got it, especially where a this a writer -- 1 who has been deceived in his own time -- can heed and not just hear. Mendacity, known to everyone who is ever a doubt with others toward the pursuit of love that knows of such deception. Kylee indeed it did get plaudits from all of us for this new song.

"Pull" is another song of Kylee's about the experience of love, the sense that she has 'pulled down' the object of her affection to her own level. There is a thread of remorse running for these lyrics, yet a corresponding theme that in the end love triumphs over every resistance.

I was not able to video all of Begging Victoria's songs; I regret to inform the public that my batteries for my meager camera went dead close to the end of this performance. But I was able to capture a recording of the next to last song "Tulips." This song appears in the last embedded video, below.

From every vantage point I can discern, it would appear that this group is upwardly mobile. Kylee and her colleagues report that they will have winter performances at several venues including a prominent tavern in St. Matthews, the Vernon Club. They will also perform for a major function to be held in association with the Kentucky Derby Festival. Happily I feel that I have been a small part in visiting this group toward the prominence to which it seems to be headed, AND JUSTIFIABLY SO!!!

-- Vernon Lynn Stephens

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